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Individually crafted jewelry made of gemstones, minerals, pearls and silver.

Individual. Valuable. Unique.

Upcoming Event:

Kunsthandwerkermarkt im Kloster Altzella

18.05 - 20.05.2024

Selected small producers in the region present their individual pieces made of clay, wood, linen, silver, paper or glass and offer them to marvel at and buy. Almost 100 exhibitors and craftsmen of the fine arts, such as glass blowers, soap makers, blacksmiths, basket makers, sculptors, jewelry designers, etc. present themselves and their work in the monastery grounds. Accompanying live music at various locations add a special spice to the colorful market hustle and bustle.

You can find AZ-Schmuck in the Orangery.


Product Gallery

Each piece of jewelry is unique. Here you can see a small and characteristic selection of my work. Please contact me for your custom piece. The prices are based on effort and materials used.


Artistic Career

After school, an apprenticeship as a commercial clerk and a few years of professional experience as sales administrator, I became interested in minerals and jewelery in 2002.

Even then, I paid special attention to the use of minerals in the form of precious stones and semi-precious stones in combination with precious metals. Especially the combination of various materials with silver and stainless steel formed the basis of my artistic work.
Over the years, through self-study and attending various courses, I have taught myself the basic techniques of making jewelry in the form of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Through my now more than 20 years of experience, the technology has been refined and what started as a hobby became a profession, which culminated in the founding of AZ-Schmuck in 2014.
The production of individual, special and unique pieces of jewelery gives me great pleasure. The first presence on markets in 2015 gave me the opportunity to start presenting my work to a wider public.

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